What can I win?

You can win various prizes in the GPUpdateManager.net game, such as tickets to Formula 1 races and shopping discounts.

Please take a look at the 'prizes' page to view a complete list of all prizes.

What does it cost to play?

To join the GPUpdateManager.net game you are required to pay €5.

How do drivers and teams receive their values?

At the start of the game all drivers, chassis and engines receive their starting values. During the game their values can increase or decrease when a driver scores well or not.

A driver who finishes first, for instance, will become €9 million more valuable, whereas a driver who finishes 20th will decrease in value by €9 million. The maximum value of a driver is €150 million and the minimum value of a driver is €1 million.

After every race the values of each driver and team are changed automatically.

What is a subleague and how does it work?

A sub-league is a league which has been set up by a player of the GPUpdateManager.net game. This means you can set up your own league for friends or family, allowing personal battles.

Feel free to open up your own league in the GPUpdateManager.net game or join somebody else’s.

What does 'admin' mean behind my name?

If you have created a sub-league you will be the 'admin' (administrator) of this league. You will be the only person in the league able to accept or decline people in the request. You are also the only person who can delete the league.

How do you score points with chassis and engines?

The points you can score with your chassis and engine are the same. The two drivers that race for the team which are using your chassis and engine will both score points for you.

For example, if you own the Ferrari engine and Sebastian Vettel wins a race with Kimi Räikkönen second, you receive respective engine points for Vettel's win and for Räikkönen's second place.

If a driver doesn't finish the race (as in seeing the chequered flag) he will not score points as a driver or for his chassis and engine. Even though a driver might be officially classified by the FIA, that does mean he receives points in the GPUpdateManager.net game without crossing the finish line.

I have forgotten my password

If you have forgotten your password, please request a new one here; it will be sent to the e-mail address with which you subscribed.

I cannot save my team

To save your team you must choose two drivers, a chassis and an engine. You are not able to submit an uncompleted team.

I am receiving an error message

If your browser does not accept cookies, it is impossible for our system to remember that you are logged in.

Please change your browser settings to accept cookies, so our system can remember that you are logged in.

My question has not been answered - now what?

Please make sure you have read the game rules on the GPUpdateManager.net site. If you are unable to find a relevant answer, please contact GPUpdate.net.